Meet our leadership team
pedaci fam

Pastor Mike and Genevieve Pedaci Pastor Mike has been a part of the New Horizon family since 2000.  He has served as Youth Director, Deacon, and Treasurer over the years before he accepted God’s call to serve as Pastor/Lead Equipper in August of 2015.

Genevieve – his best friend, better half, and wife of 15 years and their three little girls (Faith, Ella, and Zoe) are “all-in” with Pastor Mike in this adventure.  Genevieve is a graduate of Elim Bible Institute and has all the “good stuff” to help equip our families alongside Pastor Mike.

Pastor Mike has worked in the business world for over 17 years in both the front-end and back-end of companies in Operations, Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Product Management, and Business Development roles.  He is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and Purdue University.

The Awesome Morellis (1)
Miriam Morelli – Worship Leader
Miriam Morelli has been leading worship at New Horizon since 2008. She is a mother to three beautiful children – Joey, Autumn, and Max.
Her husband, Joe, would say her life is a musical because she never stops singing.
She’s happy to give the gift that was given to her back to the One who gave it by worshipping and showing adoration to Him through music and singing.
The Awesome Nelsons (1)
Erin & Nate Nelson – Kid’s Church Director and Worship
Nate, Erin and their daughters Lily and Olivia have been a part of New Horizon since 2006.
Erin is New Horizon’s Kid’s Church Director.  From kids check-in, to kid’s worship and lesson planning she oversees the team that cares for our 30+ children each week.
Nate’s been involved in leading worship in several churches since he was a teenager, and still loves using his gifts to serve the church.