Some important stuff we believe
There is one true God Who exists as a trinity – Father, Son, Holy Spirit – in perfect Unity. 
– Matthew 28:19 –
God likes trinities and made us in His image as a triune being – body, soul, spirit.
– Genesis 1:26,27 –
Our parents were having a great time in the garden but one day a serpent came in.
– Genesis 3:1 –
The serpent was the devil and he hated the fact that God made us and he wanted us to die.
– Revelation 12:9 –
So the serpent deceived us; we bought what he was selling (i.e. God is holding out on you); and then the serpent expected us to die as he knew that was the rule.
– Genesis 3:4 & 5 –
But…God had a back door…a perfect plan to redeem us and He put His plan in motion.  This perfect plan was a rescue mission that only His Son, Jesus, could pull off.
– Gen 3:15 –
Jesus came to earth and demonstrated how much God truly loves us by sending His Son to pay the ultimate price so we can have a relationship with God again.  This shows us that God is NOT withholding anything good from us.  He only wants your absolute best…and He gave Himself to show it.  Best King I know of…   
– Heb 2:9 through 17 –
Through His sacrifice our relationship with God was restored; He rose again; and He is sitting at the Father’s right hand desiring that none should perish.
– 2 Corinthians 5:18,  Acts 3:15, Mark 16:19, 2 Peter 3:9 –
One day He is coming back…until then He asks His followers to bring the Good News of His sacrifice and that we can now have a relationship with God again.
– Matthew 24:30 through 31, John 20:21 –
God sent us His Holy Spirit to help us on our journey.
– John 14:26 –
Oh yea, all these references we used come from God’s living, active, and infallible word that He left us as life’s field manual until He comes back.
– Hebrews 4:12,  2 Timothy 3:16-17 –